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Young Living Patchouli (15 ml) 3608 - Essential Oil Single - YL-3608

Young Living Patchouli (15 ml) 3608 - Essential Oil Single - YL-3608
Item# YL-3608
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Product Description

The Young Living Patchouli (15 ml) is from the Essential Oil Singles category by Young Living Oils, available at a discount price from Total Nutrition Aid Center.

Young Living Essential Oil Single Patchouli - 15 ml - item # 3608:

The 15 ml Patchouli by Young Living Oils, also known as Pogostemon cablin and sometimes called the scent of the sixties. Young Living Patchouli has a musky, earthy, exotic aroma. In Eastern cultures, it is commonly used around the house to provide general support for health and to help release negative emotions. This Young Living Essential Oils product is very beneficial for the skin, helping to reduce a wrinkled or chapped appearance. Patchouli is a general tonic that supports the digestive system and soothes occasional queasiness. Patchouli by Young Living Essential Oils has an approximate ORAC of 494,271 (TE/L). TE/L is expressed as micromole Trolox equivalent per liter. The Patchouli plant, or Pogostemon cablin, is an upright, bushy, evergreen perennial herb with lightly fragrant leaves, and white, violet-marked flowers. Native to tropical Asian countries, Patchouli is widely cultivated all over the tropics and subtropics including Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, southern China, Seychelles, and Brazil. Patchouli oil is distilled from fermented leaves. Other Pogostemon species as well as similar species produce inferior oils. The best quality oil is produced from plant materials harvested near plantations where there is less chance of damage to plant materials prior to processing. Patchouli oil scent has staying power and is perceptible for weeks or months. At high concentrations, Patchouli scent can be sickeningly sweet, but a strong aroma is a sign of superior quality. Patchouli has a long history in southern Asia and the Far East as incense, body and garment perfume, and insect and leech repellent. Ink in China and India was once perfumed with Patchouli. After his North African campaign (1798-1799), Napoleon Bonaparte brought cashmere shawls back to Paris that were scented with Patchouli to protect them from moths. Prior to the import of Patchouli oil to France around 1826, European manufacturers tried unsuccessfully to duplicate the shawls but they were not popular as they did not have the authentic scent of Patchouli. Patchouli was fashionable in Europe during the 1860s and regained popularity during the hippie movement in the United Stated during the 1960s. The major use for Patchouli oil is in perfumery. This Young Living Essential Oils product is also an ingredient in toiletries, cosmetics, breath fresheners, incense, insecticides, disinfectants, and commercial food flavoring. Patchouli is one of the most widely used ingredients in perfumes and is often the fundamental note in oriental-type perfumes. This Young Living Essential Oils product is employed as a fragrance component in cosmetic preparations, soaps, and hair removal creams because of its masking effect on noxious odors. Patchouli was used in a breath freshener popular during Prohibition called Sen-Sen. This Young Living Essential Oils product is a pest deterrent used to keep wool moths out of Indian shawls and rugs. Patchouli essential oil is used in flavoring chewing gum, baked goods, and candy, nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages, desserts, puddings, meat and meat products. Young Living Essential Oils Patchouli has recently been added to low-tar cigarettes and tobacco for flavor. Fresh leaves are sometimes used as seasoning and added to potpourri.

How to Use (suggested usage instructions) for Young Living Essential Oil Single Patchouli - 15 ml - 3608:
For dietary, aromatic, or topical use. When using as a supplement, dilute one drop in 4 fl oz of liquid such as goat's or rice milk.

Ingredients of Patchouli 15 ml - Young Living Essential Oil Single:
Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)

Cautions for Patchouli 15 ml - Young Living Essential Oil Single:
Possible skin sensitivity. Dilution not required; suitable for all but the most sensitive skin. Generally safe for children over 2 years of age.

Young Living: Essential Oil Single: Patchouli (15 ml)
Product ID: 3608

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