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Young Living Well and Jet Diffuser (Silver) 3764 - Diffusers - YL-3764

Young Living Well and Jet Diffuser (Silver) 3764 - Diffusers - YL-3764
Item# YL-3764
MSRP: $88.01
Sale Price: $87.01
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Product Description

The Young Living Well and Jet (Silver) is from the Diffusers category by Young Living Oils, available at a discount price from Total Nutrition Aid Center. Buy Silver Well and Jet by Young Living Oils - on sale now.

Young Living Diffuser Well and Jet - Silver - item # 3764:

Young Living Well and Jet Silver 3764 is a Diffuser from Young Living Essential Oils Brand. Young Living Oils Well and Jet gives you the benefit of diffusing essential oils throughout your home or office. Diffusing with Young Living's Well & Jet Silver Diffuser is a simple and effective way to use essential oils. With Young Living Well and Jet Silver Diffuser's innovative air pump, oils are dispersed in a micro-fine vapor, allowing them to remain suspended in the air for extended periods of time. The Young Living Well & Jet Silver Diffuser disperses the oils without heating them so they retain their therapeutic benefits. When inhaled, the oils are easily absorbed through the lungs. Depending on the oil used, diffusing with Young Living Well and Jet Silver Diffuser can cleanse the air of odor, calm overactive children, and support respiration.

Important Information:
Unit includes only the well and jet. It is not a complete diffuser. The well and jet is one unit. Air Pump, nebulizer and tubing needs to be purchased separately.

How to Use (suggested usage instructions) for Young Living Diffuser Well and Jet - Silver - 3764:
Using the Diffuser: The Young Living Diffuser consists of an air pump, an oil well base, and a glass nebulizer connected by a flexible air tube. Attached to the air tube is a flow control valve. You can set the pump on the floor or under a table so that it is out of sight. For your convenience, you can attach the pump to an appliance timer so it will turn on and off automatically.

Assembly: Carefully remove the parts from the packaging. Connect one end of the clear plastic tube to the air pump outlet and the other end to the air inlet of the well. Place the glass nebulizer over the jet.

Operating Instructions: Pour 15 to 20 drops of oil directly into the well approximately one-quarter inch deep. You only need enough oil for the mist to start coming through the top of the nebulizer. You may wish to place the bottle of essential oil upside down in the well located next to the nebulizer. Be sure that the plastic orifice (drop reducer) is still in the bottle opening. Push down on the switch that is attached to the electrical cord. Turn the knob on the flow control valve until the arrow points in the direction of the tube.
How much oil will be used?: Thicker oils will diffuse more slowly than thinner ones. You can leave a bottle of thicker oils upside down on the well because it diffuses slowly. Thinner oils should be poured directly into the well because they diffuse quickly. Note: Never add water to oils or thin them with another substance. This could clog the jet and possibly alter the oil's effects.

Changing Oils:You can change from a single oil to a blend or from a blend to a single. Simply allow the first oil to be completely diffused. If there is too much oil left to diffuse, use the enclosed eyedropper to return it to its bottle.

Mixing Oils: Avoid mixing two or more blends, as this may change the desired results. A single oil may be added to a blend, or two single oils may be mixed together and diffused. Avoid using vegetable oils such a V-6 Mixing Oil, massage oils, or other vegetable-based oils in your diffuser. Oils of this thickness may clog the diffuser.

Other Information:
This is only the well and jet. It is not a complete diffuser. The well and jet is one unit. Removing the jet will render the diffuser inoperable.

Cautions for Well and Jet Silver - Young Living Diffuser:
The glass nebulizer should always be placed over the jet before starting the diffuser. Low grade oils or "perfume essences" may clog the air jet. The diffuser should be placed on a steady surface that is protected in case spills occur.

Young Living: Diffuser: Well and Jet (Silver)
Product ID: 3764

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